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We empower nonprofits and companies to deliver sustainable social and economic change

Our capacity building programmes enable organisations to become catalysts for social and economic growth. Whether through strengthening internal resources, or bolstering core skills, we help nonprofits and social enterprises to learn, adapt, innovate and scale.

By giving organisations access to the tools they need to grow their impact, we are activating a community of changemakers, aligned with our goals of promoting equality and creating opportunity. Together, we are working to build a bright future for all Saudi residents.

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Our incubation programme provides practical and strategic support to promising nonprofits within Saudi Arabia, with the aim of building their organisational capacity and optimising outcomes.

During a two to three-year period, we focus on target areas such as governance, financial management, strategic analysis, programme development, and much more. Nonprofits graduate with a clear goal, a defined mission, and the toolkit of skills and strengths needed to achieve long-term sustainability and results.


Through our acceleration programme, we partner with nonprofits to improve a defined area of organisational capacity. Over a three to six-month period, we offer the expertise needed to solve problems, and grow skills and capabilities within the identified area.

Support is tailored to the organisation’s needs, taking into account a range of factors such as its size, lifecycle stage and business model. Areas include, but aren’t limited to, board governance, project and programme development, financial resources, and human resource development.

Nonprofits are supported to unlock greater impact in their organisations, and achieve better outcomes in their work.

Training workshops

We offer a series of workshops each year on issues that matter to nonprofit organisations and their employees. Through practical learning opportunities, we help nonprofit professionals build, develop and refine the skills they need for success.

Our workshops also provide training on sustainable business practices to enterprises of all sizes, and help early-stage social initiatives to expand and formalise their work.

Our training events are led by recognised experts in their field, and draw a dynamic, diverse mix of participants from organisations and institutes across the country. We cover a range of key topics, tailored for various skill levels, in areas such as strategic planning, fundraising, impact measurement, and leadership development, among many others.

For a full overview of our upcoming workshops, and to register your interest in attending, please visit our events page.

Social entrepreneurship

Our social entrepreneurship workshops are designed to empower, strengthen and scale early-stage social businesses through the provision of expert, practical training.

Entrepreneurs will gain the tools, techniques and skills they need to turn their ideas into income-generating businesses, combining sustainability with social good.

To learn more about our social entrepreneurship training, and to register your interest, please visit our events page.

Our impact

We support organisations to scale their impact

Reducing the impact of divorce on families

Divorce is on the rise in Saudi Arabia, with one in five marriages breaking down, according to the General Authority of Statistics – and the real figure estimated to be significantly higher.

Mawada Charitable Association works to reduce these numbers, and minimise the negative impact of divorce on society. Through a multi-pronged approach that includes awareness programmes to prepare newlyweds for married life, support for those experiencing domestic conflict, and aid for divorced women and their children, it focuses on promoting family stability.

Alongside these programmes, Mawada also helps young female graduates to qualify in family law.

Since its inception in Riyadh in 2010, Mawada’s programmes have reached 60,000 people, and provided more than 25,000 hours of voluntary legal advice. King Khalid Foundation’s three-year incubation programme – which included strategic planning, programme development, financial assistance and improving board governance – has played a critical role in scaling up their efforts, says Khloud Al Tamimi, Mawada’s general manager.

“We plan to open a further six centers where families who are experiencing divorce can attend and access support,” she says, "we want to benefit the children of families in the Riyadh region.

"Through our work, we are hoping to reduce divorce rates, and mitigate its effect on society.”

Investing in family stability and safety

For more than a decade, Almawaddah Society for Family Development has been working to sustain and strengthen families in Jeddah.

“Our aim is to transform unstable, separated families into stable families,” says Mohammed Bin Ali Al Radhi, the nonprofit’s general director.

Through its education and training programmes, which aim to prepare newlyweds for married life, Almawaddah has impacted the lives of more than 337,000 families through 896 training sessions.

Capacity building workshops provided by King Khalid Foundation have been core to their success and to building their expertise, says Al Radhi, contributing to them winning four institutional excellence awards over the past four years.

“KKF has played a major role in changing the shape of the sector over the past years by empowering organisations through skills or support for strategic projects,” he says.

“Thanks to their support, we are building a generation of united families able to meet the challenges of the future.”